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Friday, March 27, 2009

Gardening this year!

I just planted these tomatoes about a week ago. They are in our box garden with lots of good soil being worked in over the past few years. The plastic forks are my effort to scare the cat that uses this box for his own needs! However they haven't been effective, so I made a solution of garlic, onion and hot pepper, and sprayed it all over the soil. It's supposed to get rid of bugs and maybe persuade animals go to elsewhere too! Wish me luck!

Here s my zucchini plant, actually two of them, growing just great.

Next to the zucchini I have a green bean growing. It is sooo cute when the seeds finally sprout and start growing into a real plant!

I put the wire basket above it a bit early. I keep forgetting I need to get two more baskets for the tomatoes.

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