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Monday, March 23, 2009

No Sew Skirt1

To construct a fun no-sew skirt, start by:
  1. 1. Lay out a simple skirt pattern on a yard of washed, ironed fabric that is placed right sides together. (you will need more fabric for a larger size, but we'll stick with this idea for now until you get used to making the skirt). Note the white strip along the bottom of the fabric toward the bottom of the picture? That is the "selvage" of the fabric. When you put the fabric right sides together, make sure that selvage is together.
  2. 2. Lay the pattern pieces (front and back of the skirt) on the fabric, with the "place on fold" side of the skirt on the fold of the fabric (at the top of the fabric in this photo).

3. Make sure the fabric and the pattern pieces are ironed nice and flat. Yes, you can iron your fabric pieces, as long as you iron them quickly they will flatten out nicely. Note also that the pattern pieces are laid such that the smaller portion, the waist, are both facing the same way so that the fabric looks the same both front and back. Pin the pattern pieces to the fabric enough that you can cut the pattern out without the pattern moving around.

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