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Sunday, March 22, 2009

No-Sew Skirts

I know there are a lot of people out there who wouldn't mind learning how to make clothing, but are concerned because they don't yet own a sewing machine.

First off, I think everyone needs one. There are some fantastic bargains out there, but that's another subject.

For now, there IS a way to make clothing without a sewing machine. The way to do it is, use hem tape. It's incredibly durable, stands up through repeated washings, and is lightweight. I'll be posting photographs of how to make a simple elastic waist skirt where the only sewing involved is sewing the elastic pieces together to make the waistband.


Anonymous said...

Can you please review your voice message for your LDS Cannery - Sacramento
Bishop Storehouse @ 8401 24th Ave. Says Tuesdays are open until 3 pm and no warning for Veterans Day closing. I traveled all the way to your location to find it close. Thank You!

Ldswoman said...

Please note that I do not work at the LDS cannery and have only provided information on their open hours based on my last visit there. Please call them directly before going there to make sure their hours having changed again.