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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bread Thrift Stores

Bread thrift stores are a boon to the large family, but also the small family. Who wants to pay full store prices for bread today? The price is ridiculous!

Normally I can buy my bread at Raley's, Bel Air or even Winco (a much discounted store). The bread I like the best is Orowheat Honey Wheat Berry. At the local Safeway, this bread would cost me $4.69 each. However, if I go to the Oroweat thrift store on Fruitridge Blvd. and 24th, it cost me $2.89.

So, I bought the following: 2 Oroweat Honey Wheatberry breads, a Raspberry Danish, a chocolate cake, two Oroweat 7 Grain breads, a bag of sourdough rolls, a bag of french rolls and a bag of jalepino peanuts. All for $18.52. You do the math!

Extrordinary. Incredible. Oh so worth it!

So I suggest getting to your local bread thrift store and save save save!

If you want more details on where to find these type of stores, let me know.

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Amanda said...

Do they have just the normal breads, like normal wheat for simple sandwiches? Or do they only have the types you listed? We don't want to buy too expensive since the kids go through a loaf in about 3 days...Let me know girl!