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Friday, April 24, 2009

Food storage for most baking needs

To bake bread, brownies, or even homemade noodles, you must have certain ingredients. These are considered "dry" and usually keep very well in a cool place (as cool as you can get without refrigeration). I have the following items that I just used to make brownies:

Powdered eggs
Powdered butter
Nonfat dry milk
Cocoa Powder
White Flour
regular oil

I showed the oil here also because you can't live without it very long, at least not comfortably. Oil is critical for health, so when you store food, make sure bottles of oil are included. You will need, in most instances, about a half cup of oil per person per week for either putting into homemade bread or for frying or other such use. Don't neglect to store it!

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