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Friday, April 24, 2009

A simple elastic waist skirt

One of my first blog entries here was a photo gallery on how to do a "no-sew" child's skirt. Here is a simple skirt I made this afternoon in just over an hour. It's very easy once you get the hang of it, and uses some of my "no-sew" methods.

First you buy about 1 1/2 yards or so of wide 54" fabric. Wash and dry it, fold right sides together, and iron it in preparation for cutting out. It's assumed that you know how to sew. The width is because the skirt is extra wide and you only have to cut out one piece, which makes it simple as pie!

This pattern piece I'm using is to fit my size 18-20 body, I'm sorry to say, but there you go. At any rate, you can make this pattern yourself by measuring, from the fold, 27" across. Then measure down from the top (or the future waistband)about 28". Cut this "almost square" piece of fabric out and you will have one very large skirt piece. Here is a photo of the pattern laying on the fabric. Ignore the darts and other markings shown on the pattern, I didn't use any of those, I just used it for convenience in cutting.

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