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Friday, April 24, 2009

Times to Come

More quotes I found in an old book I have...this one I've never heard before:

We have been commanded to, by the Lord as well as prophets: ”There is something in the Doctrine and Covenants, which says, ‘And there shall be a great hailstorm sent forth to destroy the crops of the earth.’ (D&C 29:16). …What are you going to do when that happens? Ah, brothers and sisters, [support] your welfare project, and when that happens and if you have your year’s supply of food in your home, let the hails come, and the winds blow, and our storehouses in our homes...will be full just as they were in the days of Joseph, and we will be preserved. I like that plan. What good will be our greenbacks that we get from the government for security when all the crops of the earth are destroyed by hail?…You know in the days of Israel they worked this plan.” (Matthew Cowley [Apostle from 1945-1953], “Matthew Cowley Speaks,” Deseret Book, 1954)


"I still have apprehension that we may have hard times. I still fear that we are going to have a war before too long that on each side will be intended to be a virtually exterminating war. I would like each one of you to think of having around you--you farmers-- a production that would enable you to live (and possibly for awhile without too much mechanization) and help some of your city folk to live too. It's a terrible picture even to think about, but we will be shortsighted if we do not." Reuben Clark Jr., Welfare Conference, The Assembly Hall, 10/11/1958.

Remember the above quote is only 13 years after WWII ended, which is the equivalent of the war ending, for us, in 1996. So the war was still very fresh in everyone's mind.

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Stephen Nix said...

Great quotes! I had never read that one by Mathew Cowley. That part about the greenbacks is all too true. I have that book on my shelf...with 100's more I need to find the time to read one day!