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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vegetable Garden

So far so good. Even though there is a cat that insists on using the box as his own sandbox (I have now placed oak firewood all around the plants in the hope he will no longer have room to do his thing), the tomatoes are thriving. The zucchini has been almost pulled out a few times by the cat, but it's hanging in there, as is the green bean. One of the broccoli plants has doubled in size, but the heads are forming more spread apart than they should. It's supposed to rain a bit by Wednesday, which may be the end of the rain this year.

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Amanda said...

Are the heads big enough already to cut off? I read online that once they are a couple inches across, you should cut them off so that you can get side shoots, which will grow through the rest of your growing season. Do you have much else in your garden that you are keeping secret :) ? Share with me all the crops you have!