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Friday, April 10, 2009

Vegetables 4-10-09

Here is my garden as of today, April 10th. Lookin' good! The logs are there to keep the cat from using the box as his personal cat box, although I also hear that paprika will do the job, so today I sprinkled some of that all around. The tomato that is showing the most promise for fruit is the Better Boy. It's doing great!

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Amanda said...

Wow, it's looking good. I talked with my grandparents and Brad and they all said to put moth balls or marigolds out in your garden for the cats since they don't like the smell. But it looks like you've done good with logs! That's a good idea too. We did seed tomato plants this year...4 rows of 4 seeds and 3 plants of cherry tomato, so I hope they take! Great job on your garden!!!!