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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Wheat Grinder

Many people have asked me what kind of wheat grinder I use. That's easy, I use my Vitamix blender, because it does all kinds of things, from wheat and grain grinding to making soups, smoothies, and much more. See

If you'd prefer a single use type of product, there are many on the market. Check out some of these:

You can start with a less expensive hand grinder that doesn't use electricity:

or: the Hand Crank Manual Grain Mill/Wheat Grinder by Victorio- Kitchen Appliance to Grind Grains- Emergency Food Storage,


However, if you're more worried about ease of use and can afford it, I recommend either the Vitamix, or that you try one of these: Nutrimill,


In any event, choose carefully based on what you'd like to do with it. If you plan on grinding a lot of wheat at a time (more than 10 cups), you may want a true grain mill. Check for noise levels too.

Let me know what you choose and how you like it.


Tiffany W said...

Hey mom, we love our Vitamix as the wheat grinder. I have also tried to make Horchata, the Mexican rice drink, but I don't have a cheese cloth to strain... so it probably could have been better. But the Vitamix did great!

Tiffany W said...

Hey mom! We love the Vitamix! We also made Horchata with it (the Mexican rice/cinnamon drink), it would have been fine but I need cheese cloth to strain better.