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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When to use Food Storage?

I have been giving the idea of food storage much thought lately. I am personally convinced that the Lord will come again in my lifetime (I am 55 this year), which means that a lot of things are going to happen in this world before then--most of which will make keeping food storage and a garden going a top priority; yet, I wanted to say that I am doing the year's supply and gardening, etc., for another reason entirely.

I don't care if I ever use it. I don't care if Obama is the best president we've ever had and the world turns seems to turn into a mecca of political correctness and tolerance.... because unlike some in the world who may then wonder why they bothered to obey the commandment to become self-reliant, I know only one word: "Obedience".

My job is to obey the commandment we have been given to be a self-reliant people, a group of souls who decide to do all they can to live by every word of God, despite what the world may say or decide.

Nothing matters except keeping all the commandments, and I find great joy in this one. How wonderful it is to be as self-reliant as we know how to be!

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Amanda said...

I am feeling so self reliant as well. When growing up, my parents always shopped at Safeway and Bel Air, and so I was used to the pricey stuff. And then when I was dating Brad, I saw how they shopped and how they canned and gardened, and I wanted to know more! I absolutely fell in love with gardening and canning, which is wonderful because then it's easy to follow that commandment! I am so glad that I garden now, and I wish that I would have all those years I was at home. But I am thankful that I have the teachings of the prophet and leaders of the church, and I'm glad my husband's here to guide me in things that used to be foreign to me! Keep up the good work Pam!