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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The small and easy solar cooker

This pattern is the easiest way to make a solar cooker.

Start with an average size box. If it's an exact square it makes it easier, but you can play with it to make almost any box work.

Cut the box diagonally, separating it into two pieces.

Put one of the flaps of the box onto the bottom to reflect up using heavy duty tape. You can use tape or even string to hold up.

Cover completely (inside of it) with foil secured with glue or tape.

Take a number 10 can, like used for dry pack canning. Clean it out. Spray the can thoroughly with cheap black paint (Wal Mart has it for .95 cents), after setting outside on newspapers on a calm day. Let dry for an hour or more. Also spray some foil with the black paint.

See rest of photos. Put in sunny portion of yard.

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