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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lettuce and Fall Crops and Farmer's Market

I've planted black seed lettuce and salad bowl lettuce, plus some spinach and potatoes. All are doing well, with sprouts about one to inches out of the ground. I'm excited about the potential for salad throughout the year. We also just came back from the local certified farmer's market, where we got fantastic strawberries that never change in their great quality (and have been there for six months or more), some potatoes, peaches, eggs and more. I'm grateful for the choice to buy local this way instead of from the stores. Everything is sooo much better.

The two remaining tomato plants are barely producing. I was going to pull them out and plant more lettuce but instead forgot and left them at our daughter's in case she wanted to grow something. So now I'm considering going to the local store and buying a plant or two to put there. The bell pepper plant is doing well also, but I think it will have to go, and the zucchini will be allowed to stay probably until it no longer does anything, which I expect will happen in Mid October.

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