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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Garden and How it's Doing

Well it's been about a month since I started my Fall/Winter garden. All that's left now is a very small portion of the zucchini plant that I have allowed to stay because there are flowers on it that may turn into zucchini. I'll give it more time.

Meanwhile, the red potato is doing GREAT. I'm very impressed and if it produces as well as it looks (such a pretty plant too) I'll definitely plant potatoes whenever possible. The sweet peas are starting to "tendril" and "vine" and I plan on guiding them up the tomato cage and up onto the porch. I hope it goes well.

The broccoli is doing well, although I honestly can't tell if any growth has occured. The broccoli seeds I planted have done absolutely nothing. The spinach and red chard are coming up, but very very slowly. I believe I should have stated them indoors and transplanted them. The lettuces and red chard are doing well, altho the local cat is still digging and pooping in the box. I put a bunch of strong onion/garlic/red pepper around them in the hopes that he will go elsewhere. Not sure what else to do...again!

I bought another solar oven, the CookIt, to supplement the one I have. It's a beautiful clear day out today. I should have put something out to cook.

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