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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dry Pack Canning Day

I love the cannery.  How joyful I feel when I can dry pack can those things I need to ensure survival. The following list is what I canned or helped be canned, but does not include everyone's amounts/items.

rice - 7 cans

milk - 19 cans

sugar - 10 cans

white flour - 8 cans

wheat - 13 cans

potato flakes - 3 cans

quick oats - 8 cans

refried beans - 4 cans

The above does not include the items canned by the other four who were there from our ward.  I'm so happy to see this work being done, as it is available to all, and puts us not only in a place of obedience, but faith and trust that we will be guided and helped as we do what we are told.  I personally hate being hungry, so it's wonderful to know that I have sufficient supply.  And how grateful I will feel to be able to share with family and friends.  Of course, it's nice if they also store food of their own too! :)

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