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Monday, November 23, 2009

Flaked Wheat Cereal you make yourself!

As many of you know, awhile back I bought a grain flaker.  (look up "flaker" here in my blog).  I used it to flake wheat (as well as groats), as an alternate method of eating wheat.  Wheat can be eaten by boiling it whole, grinding, flaking or using as a method to make gluten "wheat meat".

What I wanted to try was to make my own cold cereal.  (Remember to click on these photos to see them bigger)

I first soaked wheat kernels in water for about an hour the night before.  Then drained it on paper towels all night.  (You can do it much faster than that, however).  This morning I flaked the wheat, then put it on a cookie sheet, sprayed it with sugar water,  and baked it for 12 minutes at 350 degrees. 

When done, it made a satisfying crunchy cereal!

Next time, I'm going to make the hot cereal out of it, then dehydrate it in my dehyrator by pouring it on the solid "fruit leather" sheves, then I'll break it apart and try it that way...or maybe bake it if needed.


Aaron said...

What kind of grain flaker do you have, and where did you get it? We got ours at

Ldswoman said...

You can buy it here: