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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Potatoes and Tomatoes, Lettuce and Broccoli

Here are the latest photos of my potato plants in the containers (lookin' good!), my little heirloom tomatoes that I've transplanted into larger containers made out of newspaper so they can go directly into the soil when ready (they do not look good though, and are not growing quickly at all.  I'm concerned they will not be anywhere near ready to plant in 3 weeks and I'll revert back to getting seedlings at the nursery). 

My lettuce plants are still giving us enough lettuce to have two salads a week, and I planted more lettuce plants.

My intention is to eventually get grow lights (which is my problem now, I'm sure) so the seeds will get enough light, and to grow ALL my vegetables with seeds so that in a crisis I won't depend upon nurseries to grow them for me.

Broccoli plants are pretty much done, although I still get enough baby heads to use in salads. I planted more seed but not sure they will grow...but then, I've never tried the seeds before. 

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