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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weed X and the Garden's New Idea

Well I worked so hard yesterday putting down the Weed X paper on the soil in the second planter box (4 x 16) and then painstakingly planted through it...sometimes having to create holes about one inch by 24 inches to plant carrots and the like.  I knew it simply could not work as a cat deterrent but had no idea what to do next.

Today I went to the temple and as I worked all I could think about was that cat.  I prayed again and remembered verses such as James 1:5. If anyone lacked knowledge on what to do next, it was me.

I wanted to create some kind of row cover that would keep the cat from getting into the box at all.  When we were out at Home Depot, my husband asked me if I wanted to try to frame in the box with PVC pipe and chicken wire.  Hey, sounds good to me.  So we got all the stuff we needed and we will be creating 4 x 4 lids for the box.  It wasn't cheap, but it should work.  I will take photos tomorrow when we are done. 

That means, if this works the way it should, that I can remove all the Weed X paper product and just have my plants there. 

I also bought more tomato the heirloom seeds I started will simply not be ready in time for this year's crop.  I only have two that are still alive, and they are still only 3 inches tall.  There are others I planted in an effort to get them going, but they have yet to break the soil surface and here it is almost April.  Good thing we have a long growing season here, but still!

So this is definitely a learning experience this year!

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