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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Idea of Wheat Meat

I tried to make Seitan today, or "wheat meat".

I found the process a nightmare.  First the fresh wheat flour and water are kneaded together to form a dough ball like you are making homemade bread.  Then you rinse it over and over again, frantically trying to keep the dough ball together, until the water is clear instead of white.  Meanwhile, the huge dough ball is now half the size.

I found it horribly wasteful...for both water and grain.

So I tried a different tac.

I took :
2 cups wheat flour, freshly ground

seasoning, such as garlic salt, pepper, whatever

mixed with ½ cup water or so…until dough is workable like bread dough

Knead the dough until like bread dough.

Then rinse in cold water by dipping dough ball into fresh water and squeezing / kneading it in your hands. Keep the dough ball together as best you can.  Don't let it get waterlogged too much, just a quick dip in the water before hand kneading it.

Do that about 10 times, keeping the ball of dough as together as possible.  Do NOT let the water run.

Let rest a few minutes.

Pull the dough into small balls and flatten out. Put a few drops of Worchestershire sauce on each flattened piece, just to add additional flavor... then fry in olive oil on medium heat. Keep heat medium lowish so it doesn’t burn, and turn frequently. When browned well on both sides, take out of oil, cut into small chunks, and fry up again. It should resemble croutons.  Delicious, easy and doesn't waste precious grain.

Add additional seasoning if needed.

Let cool and eat it, or use as a meat substitute.

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