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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wonder Oven Bread

The best thing about the Wonder Oven is that you can cook without thinking about it, kinda like solar cooking.

In this instance, I made bread.  Make your recipe for one bread loaf, and after letting it rise once, cut in half or thirds (I cut mine in half), put each piece of dough into a washed, greased V-8 can that has had the top removed.

Let rise with a towel on top for one hour.  The dough should rise so that it's within a couple inches of the top of the can. 

When that's happened, cover top of can with foil, rubber band it to stay in place, bring a large pot of water (with about 3 inches of water in it) to boil, then place the V-8 can with the bread dough in it into the water.  It will want to float, so do your best to keep it upright as you slap a lid onto the large pot.  Turn down a bit so it keeps boiling but not furiously. 

Let the water boil with the V-8 can for 10 minutes. ONLY.

Then carefully take the whole pot, lid, V-8 cans and all, and put on the bottom cushion of the Wonder Oven, then top with the other cushion.  Let "cook" in the Wonder Oven for 2-3 hours or so (I left mine for 3 hours), and then take the whole thing out, remove the V-8 bread can, and turn it upside down so the bread falls out.

It will look something like this picture when cut into slices.

Notice there is no "crust" at all! After you cut it like this, eat like you would normally.  Excellent! Very flavorful as it should be, and with a great texture.  No need for an oven at all!

It tastes fabulous toasted too!!

So how cool is that? If your power is off but you need bread for your family, you can arrange to have enough propane or barbeque broquets around to allow you to boil water for the Wonder Oven foods you plan on making, and then put them in the Wonder Oven to "bake".  With a little forethought, you can bake up bread and a chicken or beans or whatever for your dinner and use a minimum of precious fuel to do so.

Don't forget your solar oven too.  Once food has been in there and gotten hot enough, you can also transfer it to the Wonder Oven to finish cooking!  If that works properly, you don't need a fuel source at all!

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