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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Curly Dock, Miner's Lettuce and Thistle

Ah, the joy of tromping through the wilderness on an awesome Spring day! Beautiful weather, perfect temperature, company of another couple and dear friend as well as my husband, to look at edible plants.  Wild plants. 

They were delicious! First miner's lettuce, a beautiful, interesting looking plant that loves moisture and shady areas. 

Then the prickley thistle, something you'd never suspect held a perfect edible stalk, once the exterior spikes are stripped off.  Full of water, lush enough to satisfy thirst as well as hunger.

And then curly dock, a pretty leaved plant that has a distinctive "leaf" taste, but again, very tasty and worth a mix in our everyday salads.

All of these were very easy to find, easy to identify, and wonderful to nibble on.

Stephen Nix, THANK YOU!

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