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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Solar and Wonder Oven cooking

Tonight we're having chili, which I tried to make both in my solar oven and wonderbox oven. It didn't work, which is good to know. The day isn't hot, it's mild, but the sun should have gotten the chili hotter, however, the more volume there is in liquid the longer it takes to cook sometimes, and there was a breeze that was wicking away the heat, so it's not unusual.

The breeze died down enough to put bread into the solar cooker, and although I only left it out 1.5 hours (should be 3 or more), it baked enough that it just needed 10 more minutes in the oven.

I'll try the chili again when it's hotter, probably this coming weekend as temps are going up to 93 degrees, and do it during the middle of the day.

Here are some photos of how I put the chili together.

Raw hamburger with raw onion and spices...

Then add the beans...and put it in the solar oven "Cook-IT" for about 4 hours or so.  The extra liquid in this means it must be cooked a bit longer.


Patricia DuBray said...

I make chili often in my Wonder Oven. If and when I use raw beans in the Wonder Oven it is a two part process. 1st cook the beans (can be same day) and then add the tomato element. In my experience beans do not soften if the tomato is added prior to cooking the beans.
I have had the same experience in the crock pot.

Ldswoman said...

What I was trying to show was cooking totally without fuel except solar...but the day was windy and not good for solar efforts. Next week if it's at least 90 and still, I'll do it again, with chili or something similiar. I'll keep it in the solar cooker for 2 hours and then transfer it to the wonderbox oven. You can make anything in the solar cooker as long as the sun remains available, but I was trying to see if cooking in the solar oven first, then transferring it to the wonderbox would save fuel, especially if you can then cook a second dish in the solar oven until it's done, and thereby have two food items cooked completely without fuel. :) Thanks for your comment!!

Tiffany W said...

I told a friend about the wonderoven and solar cooker and she hadn't heard of the wonderoven. So hopefully we can keep getting the word out, it is a great thing!