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Friday, July 30, 2010

Cucumbers potatoes cabbage - the garden continues

Ah dear friends, how my garden grows.  Or not.

My cantelope is still in the flower stage, with only one tiny little start of one that I can see so far. It's probably because the neighbors beautiful tree is shading it enough that I only get about 6 hours of sunlight in that particular spot.

My zucchini are doing great, as usual just enough zucchini for us.  Perfect.

The garlic and onions have been harvested, and are drying.

In the new box, the tomatoes seem to be doing okay, the plants themselves I mean...but the tomatoes are, like so many others here in Sacramento County, not turning red and the number of actual tomatoes starting is much less than it should be, considering how many plants I have.  Still, my Early Girl is producing enough for us, and we did taste an amazing Amish Paste, but that's pretty much it so far.

The cabbage that we picked (see picture in previous post) was awesome. I made cole slaw out of it and it was great!  I have 4-5 other cabbage plants that were planted slightly after the first one, or they are simply slower because they were a bit crowded, they they are starting to produce heads.  I expect by the end of August to have two more cabbage heads, if not more.  Here is the new one.

The carrots have all been harvested as of today.  About 1/3 were 3 or 4 inches long, but the majority of them, thanks to my inefficient seeding, were much smaller. 

The lettuce plants were harvested and gone a few weeks ago.

The beets have been most disappointing.  A friend of mine has a huge garden and he gave us 3 inch beets.  Mine have barely produced anything, and the few I did get were only about an inch across.  Not sure what's up with that since they have unlimited depth they can use and the soil isn't clay (where my friend's IS).

The green beans are finally coming out again.  I have 3-4 huge plants up on poles that should be producing like crazy, but they have been a bit sporadic.  Not sure what's going on..but for the most part, I get a handful or two a week.  I hope that goes up just a little more.

The cucumbers are so fun! First time growing those and they are doing great.  I've gotten two good cucumbers off the plants (2 plants) with more on the way.

I have cleared out the carrots and peas and now have plenty of room for more items.  I have ot think about it where exactly I want them, but my next planting, probably within a week, will be carrots, broccoli, peas, potatoes and lettuce and spinach for Fall harvesting.

And lastly my beautiful artichoke plant is doing just great...starting to die off a bit, and I've let most of the remaining artichokes flower.  I cut them all off after this photo was taken, and will see how many more I get before the plant stops producing. It has heavily produced for over a year.

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