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Monday, July 5, 2010

How the Garden Grows and Harvesting Seeds

The garden is continuing to grow nicely, although I usually have more tomatoes by now.  The zucchini leaves are huge and the plant is gorgeous, but my zucchini are growing slowly.  There is a tree next door that shades the plants there now a little in the morning.  Not sure that hinders it or not.  The cantalope is growing, but again, very slowly, and I'll be surprised if we actually get fruit by the end of the season.  Meanwhile, the green beans are prolific, the cabbages are starting to form heads, the soy beans are flowering, and the one additional heirloom tomato is flowering as well.  The artichoke plant is still providing lots of artichokes!

I harvested some lettuce seeds today.   See the plant and the little black seeds? Very cool!

Tried to harvest spinach seeds but had a hard time telling which was which.  I hope I got it right.

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