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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ground Beef and Chicken Canning

I canned ground beef last night, which turned out fantastic, and then today I did 14 pints of chicken (breast and thigh combos).  I kept a good solid inch of headspace on both chicken and the groundbeef as you're supposed to, so all appears well.

I did discover that my canner won't do more than 7 pint jars--you can't stack them as it isn't high enough.

The beef now has about a half inch grease layer on top, but it sealed well and I'm glad for the grease. The beef tasted fantastic, so I'm very happy with it!


Amanda said...

Awesome Pam!! I'm glad everything turned out. You'll have to put your directions on here for all of us to copy! Let's see some pictures!

Tiffany W said...

And my chicken turned out. Isn't it so fun??!

Chrystina said...

I'm totally new to canning and I'd love to know how you did the beef and chicken? What kind of tools/items do I need? traverseoutdoorgirl at yahoo