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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Wonderful World of Dehydrating!

Is there anything more cool and noteworthy in our lives than to store food to feed our family? If you feel overwhelmed with the idea of pressure canning or water bath canning, try dehydrating.  It takes a good dehydrator to do it right, (altho you can do it out in the sun or even in the oven, but not as easy), but it's so very simple and the rewards are amazing!

Although these vegetables I have dried are not from my garden, they are still beautifully preserved and will last many years to come. 

If you don't have the vegetables from your garden to use, and especially if you want an inexpensive, fun way to dry all the vegetables you'll need, start with inexpensive frozen vegetables that are on sale.  I purchased bags of frozen CORN, PEAS, CARROTS, and GREEN BEANS for less than $1.00 a pound!

You simply pour the frozen vegetables on your drying trays and turn on the dehydrator and let them dry for 8 to 14 hours. Mushrooms take slightly less time.  You buy them on sale, rinse them, dry them, cut them into thick slices, then dry with the other items.  Frozen CORN is also easy to do and a hoot to use later! So pretty, aren't they?

The other thing I've done is cook up some rice, dehydrate it, and when you need rice for your favorite rice dish, just rehydrate the rice with a little hot water (or throw into a soup or whatever) and it cooks up in less than 5 minutes! Talk about fast!!!

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Amanda said...

We just bought big bags of carrots from Winco for $1!!! WOW!!