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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garden Boxes 6-2011

Here are two photos of my three garden boxes.  I'm so glad we added the second and third boxes, to increase our harvest.  I'm still not getting anywhere near the harvest that I think I should though, and for a seasoned gardener, I'm not sure why.  The plants in the new box are going crazy, but one tomato plant barely has any tomatoes on it, while the other has a ton.  I did get two tiny tomatoes off that one, with more to come.  I lost the tag for it though, so I don't know what kind it is.  I am supposed to draw a map of my garden boxes and show exactly what got put where, but I was lazy this season and didn't bother.

The old boxes are doing fairly well, but still not as good as I'd hoped, although I have taken into account the weird rain and cold weather we experienced to the first part of June.

I still have some research to do.

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Bill Bird said...

Bill Bird likes those garden boxes young lady! Two thumbs up for the carpenter! Nice! As for getting plants to jump up, even with the raised boxes, in the words of Farmer Fred Hoffman, you still have to "fertilize, fertilize and fertilize some more." Raised beds are the important first step. But there are more steps to be taken. I use a combination of organic and non-organic fertilizers (not reccommended by Farmer Fred), but it does work wonders for me!