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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oroweat Thrift Store

I go to the Oroweat thrift store about once a month on the way back from the temple.  Again I stopped and spent only $10 for all these items, where I would have normally spent about $30 at Bel Air, Raleys, Safeway, etc.!  Everything is just a day old and very fresh and wonderful.  I feel so blessed to have found this opportunity for our family.  If you haven't been there yet, please do! It's located on Fruitridge Drive in Sacramento, from 99 you go right past the railroad tracks on Fruitridge (west) and on the right is a vacuum cleaner store and next to that is the Oroweat store.  If you don't live in the Sacramento area, just look it up in your local phone book (try "bakeries" to see if you get more places than Oroweat).

Especially if you have a large family, you can't afford not to check out this type of thrift store.  The bargains are just too good to pass up!

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