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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Canning Chicken

Just a reminder that although you can place raw chicken in a canning jar and pressure can it, you must put in the liquid too!  Don't try to put raw chicken in and leave it at that, no matter how well it seems to work.

I contacted Jarden foods (they own the mason jar companies, Food Saver, and more) and they said:

Stuffing the chicken into the jar without hot liquid is not recommended. Liquid is a heat conductor and in order to safely can the chicken, the hot liquid should be ladled over the meat.  -Jarden Home Brands

Also USDA concurs:
Please don't take risks.  Remember that the most important thing in canning your foods is NOT that it seals!!! It will seal almost automatically and has nothing to do with how safe it is or how much bacteria has been killed.
Use recipes from approved sources.

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