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Monday, July 25, 2011

Gardening Summer 2011

So there are only a few things working right in my garden this year.

Both cucumbers are doing great, we get several off of them weekly.  The zucchini is also doing very well, and we get at least 4 a week.  The cantalopes are doing WONDERFUL.

The tomatoes however, are very disappointing, even with now frequent feedings.  One plant, with a missing name tag (my fault I didn't write it down this year) is doing fantastic, with great tomatoes, although small, that are turning red every day.  There is also a pear shaped cherry tomato that is doing very well, and a serrano that is doing good, but all other tomato plants are very blah.  I do have another tomato plant that is doing great, but so far no red tomatoes, and it's almost August for heaven's sake.

There are several of them that I haven't gotten a single tomato off, and one or two that gave me one or two tomatoes.  It's just sad and I don't know what's wrong.  My bell peppers are very very slowly starting to produce little buds/peppers.  My cabbage is doing very well, but they are being eaten alive this year and there are some that are also very overcrowded but gave up on them.  The peas are gone, but didn't produce all that great. 

So so far the cantelopes, cucumber, zucchini are the plants doing well.

I will carefully record all the plant names before tearing everything out (when that time comes) to make sure I record which plant did well under what conditions.  I know we had a lousy beginning this year with the late rain, but this is the second year in a row I'm not producing what I need. 

Next year: fresh compost for all three boxes.  Next year: A row of tomato plants, at least 15, of heirlooms that performed well this year and last (not that many), a row of green beans (this year they are dismal to say the least.  A strong healthy plant but only 1 or two green beans a week!!!), Next year: one zucchini, three pickle cucumbers, and several melons planted a few weeks apart.  Several cabbage protected properly.

All in all, there is still so much to learn in gardening that I worry about people who haven't gardened, STILL.  It takes time, effort, the right tools, fertilzers, good soil, etc., to grow a successful garden.  The first several years I planted all the plants did well because the summer came early and the weather was obliging.  But when the weather is strange, the garden doesn't produce well for us.  Plus we are getting more shade in our garden than is good for the plants.

It is my hope that by the end of September we will have harvested many more tomatoes, melons and bell peppers, and perhaps a cabbage or two.

Oh and the artichoke plant "came back" but as of today it still hasn't produced anything.

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Cherish said...

No kidding, there is SO much to know about gardening. I learn new things each year.