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Friday, August 19, 2011


The very best way I've seen to save energy and start the process of canning or drying tomato sauce is to solar cook the raw tomatoes first.  Just put cut up tomatoes (skin and all) into your black cooking pot.  Put in the plastic bag, set out in your solar cooker and let it sit in the sun all day (5 or more hours).  When done, blend it up into a liquid.  You can then add to onions and garlic and seasoning and cook down into spaghetti sauce or something and water bath or pressure can it, or you can freeze it, or even spread out on flex sheets and dry it to make tomato powder out of.

If you want to can it as I did, please follow authorized instructions for "tomato juice" through the Ball Blue Book.  I blended the tomatos, put them through a sieve, and threw out the pulp and just had a good liquid.

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