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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Garden for March 2012

Well the garden is loving the rain we've been having.  More of this and we'll have some fantastic bounties this year, at least I hope so! I'm holding off on the planting of more tomatoes, green beans and the typical summer veggies, which is very unlike me.  However, I wanted the tomatoes to really produce this year--normally they look great by now (when I plant them at the beginning of March) but don't always produce well.

This picture is of one of several potato plants.

This is one of the groups of lettuce:

This is the Better Boy Tomato that I planted late February:

Below is a photo of the spinach  plants which are doing better than last year.  It would be lovely if they would grow to the point we can not only have spinach once a week but also enough to dehydrate.

Next is our sweet peas.   We have about 6 of them, plus more Lincoln peas.  They are doing very well.

And finally here is a picture of the apricot tree.  We have high hopes for it this year!  There are several other fruit trees: peach, lemon, lime, pear, kumquat, and several different varieties of apple.

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Amanda said...

What a beautiful garden! You're spinach is doing wonderfully, as well as your lettuce! I can't believe everything is blooming so fast. Just think, if we were still living there we'd be planting our enormous garden...kinda sad but we can plant here in a couple months. I'm thinking of using up an entire side of the yard (with Grass and all) for our garden. We'll see what Brad thinks.