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Monday, May 7, 2012

Bread in a Bag Wheat Bran

* These adjustments are needed for 4 recipes in the"Bread in a Bag" and "Bread in a Bag, Book Two".

Flaked wheat (used in Wheat Flake Rolls and Wheat Flake Bread) has sufficient moisture content that it must be freshly flaked prior to using in a recipe (or refrigerated/frozen). Check out the recipes "Wheat Flake Rolls" and "Wheat Flake Bread" and adjust them in your book(s) to show the flaked wheat is added in, and NOT included in your Mylar storage bags.

Also, wheat bran is used in "Heavenly Bran Muffins" and "Orange Carrot Bran Muffins" must be taken out of the Mylar bag ingredients and used as an "Add-in", as wheat bran must be kept refrigerated.

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Amanda said...

Thanks for the post with the corrections...sadly I've not bagged/or made, any of these but it's good to know for when I have a spare hour or two!