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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


When your harvest your tomato crop, there is nothing more wonderful than fresh tomato, right out of your garden, warm from the sun.  Delicious!

To preserve these tomatoes, you can either freeze them, can them, or dry them.

I prefer drying, as it takes up less space, plus I can add them to my Soups in a Bag.

Here is my method: (notice the tomato juice appears pink more than red!)

Take your fresh tomatoes.  Cut out the centers.  Cut in half or so.  Put into a blender or food processor and blend until reasonably smooth.  Pour onto your flex sheets in the dehydrator.  Dry for 8 hours or until brittle all the way through.  Peel off (it will break up, but this is fine)  Freeze the tomato leather in a plastic bag for 48 hours in case bugs laid eggs inside the fruit.  Remove from the freezer, and while still frozen, crush.  Let come to room temperature, then pour into mason jars.  Add oxygen absorber packet, and store for up to 2 years (or use as part of a dried foods recipe).

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Amanda said...

You are SO lucky to be getting such a good bunch of tomatoes!!! Great job sweetie! You rock for sure.